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Gluta challenge


Brighten up your skin and add a beautiful natural glow to it with the new improved Gluta Master Lotion. Being a rich blend of wholesome Alpha Arbutin and Kojic acid, it nourishes the skin from deep within and locks its natural moisture for 12 long hours without making it appear oily. The light moisturizer gets absorbed into the skin instantly and gives a soft, glowing skin with a youthful radiance. 


Collagen whitening serum with Gluta and Kojic white . Removes spots of redness and treats black
marks on the skin. Anti-aging, no spots, bright, healthy, more radiant skin, Thanks to glutathione
essential oils, topical blends with your body lotion.
How to use: Mix with your body lotion,massage the whole body, and use it best in the morning and
evening. Use twice or three times a day.
Ingredients:propylene glycol carrot extract, vitamin E, sodium metabisulfite, kojic acid, ascorbic acid, glutathione and vitamin C,E, and carrot oil,Collagen.

Anti-aging, Spotsless,Brighter;Healthder,MoreRadiant Skin,Glutathione & Vitamin C, E and Carrot oil.
Glutha & Kojic White whitening soap with glutathione, is a scrubbing soap with beta carotene and vitamin A especially formulated to prevent hyper pigmentation problems of the skin.It prevents blemishes and removes excess oil on the skin, leaves your skin smooth fresh and glowing.
Direction: Using warm water,create a rich lather and massage gently into skin. Rinse completely.Use regularly.
Warning: For extemal use only.Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of reach of children.


 Ant-aging, Spotsless,Brighter,Healthder,MoreRadlant Skin,Glutathione & Vitamin C, E and Carrot oil

Benefits:The addition of rare and active substance can effactively enhance the vitallty of cells and promote the formation of collagen, Meanwhfle, its various moistening and replenishing component can penetrate Into the skin and make skin elastic and restore vitality.
Effect: Actlvating Repalr,Promote skin metabolism, restore healthy skin from outside inside After sun Repalr, Repair by ultravlolet(UV) separation of cells.prevent, skin cells caused by the uv oxidation reaction. Anti-Acne/spot, Can reduce or ellminate in flammation, make the deposition of sebum In vitro. To improve color of skin, Make skin burnish that the get rid of and bright feeling.
Ngredlents: Glutathlone, Collagen, Hyaluronic acld,Kojic acid, Vitamine B3.Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Thickener Cellular,Emulsifier,Preservative Fragrance(Parfum).Seplwhite.

Lait de corps 500ml

Sérum 120ml

Savon 250g

Crème de visage 50g

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