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Gel douche eclaircissant

Collagen Wash Body Whitening Body Bath Treasure

Main functions:

cleansing: deep cleaning to remove dead skin ahing ,mites

acne, shrink pores, deep whitening.

shower:deep cleaning body whitening, whitening sun fragrant body, legs, body rejuvenation,

MAIN effects:

*Efficient penetrati, promote cell regeneration promote energy transformation, accelerate the excretion of toxic substancesin the skin. With a deep cleansing, body whitening, sun whitening, skin rejuvenationdeodorants, anti-inflammatory detoxification, go to thered little acne multiple effects they consumption, but alsp has a significant effect of slimming.

*Its lightcool deep clean without residuefomula,fresh and not greasy, dense fosm delicate gentle deep creasing,gentle remove grease, mites and extemal contamination inside and outside the pores, while the rapid penetration of the active, ingredient replenish moisture and nutrition, skin frseheningbath after so comfortable, soft and smooth healthy and clean.

*Add milk cream fragrant noble romantic and charming lasting hidden in the skin, demonstrating a new era of ever-youthful taste and sexy women.Face neck white, white arms legs and feet white, white back, white belly, the body is white!

thole body whitening

Maincomponents:collagen, milkcream, melatonin, iorceflavonoids, teaactiveessence, fivepulse Melaleuca, tamin C, E, whitening factor.

Usage:squeeze the right amount of water in the pamof the hand after rubbing a thin foam, put on the bodymoist skin gently massage for a while, in order to fullyclean water, mild without stimulation, at the same timecan be used for facial cleansing.


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