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The roller needles anti-celllulite, stretch marks and scars

New accessory trend, the Dermaroller is a roller with the skin, has about 540 microneedles for face and 1080 needles for body of 0.5 to 1.5 mm which promote good blood circulation and allow the imperfections, the more installed heal quickly. In fact, the needles stimulate the dermis of your skin by micro-perforation, which allows the skin cells injured to react instantly and to create more collagen and elastin, two key factors for the good healing of the skin.
Where did you get the Dermaroller ? The technique of the Dermaroller is inspired by the microneedling : a practice of mesotherapy anti-aging (local injection in the deep layer of the skin) performed by aesthetic medicine within a medical practice, and which allows to obtain a skin visibly rejuvenated and smoother in just a few sessions, with a long term goal anti-wrinkle.

How to use the Derma Roller ?

There are two different protocols with the Dermaroller : in fact, you can use it on your body or on the skin of your face.
The Dermaroller on the face
When use on the skin of the face, it is better not to use needles more than 1mm, and this even for sensitive skin the strongest. In addition to promoting the production of collagen and elastin, the Dermaroller increases by nearly 200 times the penetration of cosmetic products : if you apply a cream just before using the Dermaroller, the shot at glory will be instantaneous and its assets will be multiplied. Opt for for example a cream based on vitamin C to activate the blood circulation and give you immediately the pink-cheeked, or with a basis of hyaluronic acid for a skin repulée".
But the Dermaroller can also be used in many ways on your face : it makes it possible to exfoliate the skin, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines during application care anti-aging and it softens even the features too angular for the jaw line and under the chin. On the skin in acne, it smoothes marks and scars related to treatment abrasive by the stimulation of cell renewal.

The Dermaroller over the body
When using the body, the Dermaroller is necessarily in a larger format, with about 1080 micro-needles. The bigger the needles, the more the results will be visible, but for the more cautious (and no fear on this point, it is perfectly normal), we recommend that you start with the needle, the smaller one, try it, and see if the results are to live up to your expectations.
Thus, the Dermaroller the body is perfect to fight cellulite, reduce stretch marks and regain a smooth skin. Again, we recommend applying a body cream just before using the Dermaroller, so as to multiply its rate of absorption on the inner layers of the epidermis, allowing the cream to be assimilated at a deeper level, close to the cell called the target.
The Dermaroller can also be used in the evening, when a protocol a little closer to intervention in the firm. Apply a fat body to drag the Dermaroller, and immediately after its use, you put a mask over his face so that it penetrates deeply into the dermis. Lastly, apply ice on his face how cryotherapy to reduce feelings of tension and warm-up caused by the protocol.

Usage tips
- Disinfect the Dermaroller
If your Dermaroller is a new one, be sure to disinfect it with a spray sanitizer. Then, under warm water, let it sit for twenty minutes for its drying is optimal and complete. This operation is renewed at each new use.
- Clean the skin
Before using the Dermaroller, it is essential to do a thorough cleaning of the skin, in order to remove the residues of pollution, excess sebum and dead skin. Your skin should not made of wounds.
- Use a body fat
then Apply the Dermaroller gently on the skin after you have selected a body-fat (cream or otherwise), without support in order not to scratch the skin (if your skin is scratched, it means your Dermaroller is of poor quality and that its needles are not titanium).
- Roll
The roll 8 to 10 times on each area of the face and body, to the horizontal, vertical and even diagonal. Repeat these movements until all the areas there are been treated.
Even if you can use it on a daily basis, it is best to conduct your sessions in the evening, since the skin may blush, very quickly. But do not panic, the skin will have regained its initial color after a few hours.
For the body, do your sessions after the shower. It goes without saying that the Derma Roller must have a personal use...

What are the precautions ?

It is strongly déconsei the Dermaroller in case of : pregnancy, open wounds, herpes, acne lesions that have not healed yet, if your skin is irritated, or bleed-through, rosacea, blood problems, or diabetes.

Dermaroller, what are the results ?

After 3 weeks of use, visible results can be noted :

Blurring of skin aging,

Skin more smooth

and fine lines and Wrinkles diminished

Stretch marks and cellulite diminished

acne Scars disappear gradually

Thickening skin, with improvement of the quality of the skin

, brown Spots and pigmented intensely processed

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